Nescafé 3in1 #Theoneonmymind

Nescafé Turkey stays top of mind with First View

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Nescafé 3in1 #Theoneonmymind

Nescafé Turkey stays top of mind with First View

Key results

  • 15%+ video view rate
  • 14.7K hashtag mentions
  • 8K+ leads

The opportunity

@Nescafe3u1arada knew that consumer passion was its best asset in reminding Turkish people why Nescafé 3in1 is their favorite coffee. The brand turned to Twitter to build on this passion and enhance its reach.

The strategy

In the run-up to its Twitter campaign, @Nescafe3u1arada ran TV, outdoor and digital ads that talked about “the most loved coffee brand in Turkey” but without naming Nescafé 3in1. This left consumers free to realize for themselves which brand came to mind.

@Nescafe3u1arada then used the hashtag #AklımdanGeçen (#TheOneOnMyMind) in Promoted Tweets that encouraged consumers to share their own Nescafé 3in1 moments. When @Nescafe3u1arada responded to these Tweets with Lead Generation Cards, consumers were able to share their email addresses with a single click to receive a surprise.

@Nescafe3u1arada used First View to ramp up conversation, which ensured that its videos appeared in Twitter’s most prominent advertising spot for 24 hours. The brand also ran #AklımdanGeçen as a Promoted Trend.

Steps to success

  1. Encourage conversation around your hashtag.

@Nescafe3u1arada inspired lively conversation by using a memorable hashtag. It invited consumers to share their stories, and using Promoted Tweets, targeted people by their interests and the @usernames they follow.

  1. Use momentum to build relationships.

@Nescafe3u1arada followed up directly with consumers who had joined the #AklımdanGeçen conversation, replying to each with a Lead Generation Card. @Nescafe3u1arada sent its new leads branded mugs and product.

  1. Take the conversation to a big audience.

@Nescafe3u1arada’s use of First View meant that, for 24 hours, when people in Turkey first visited the Twitter app or logged into, the top ad appearing in their timelines was a @Nescafe3u1arada video, and the top trend they saw was #AklımdanGeçen.

The success

@Nescafe3u1arada found that its Twitter campaign gave significant support to consumer perception of the brand’s superiority. 100% of social media conversations around the campaign were positive, and the brand exceeded its goals in terms of impressions, engagements, video views and leads. @Nescafe3u1arada took pride in the fact that its First View campaign was the first of its kind in Turkey, and the first for any Nestlé brand worldwide.

The very first implementation of Twitter’s First View tool is a small part of our journey to connect to our consumers. The results are very fantastic in all metrics, and above all, its outstanding performance supported the campaign across all digital platforms very well. Gülçin Şekerci (@sekercig), Nescafé Mixes Brand Manager, Nestlé Turkey


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