With the emerge of local content platforms, the brands have switched to storytelling for their products

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With the emerge of local content platforms in previous years such as Zaytung, Onedio and Listelist, and social media platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope, the brands have switched to storytelling for their products rather than telling their stories over just one video or image.

We have started to educate the clients about “Seizing the moment”. These moments can either be planned like Euro2016 or can emerge suddenly like “the dress”. What we have focused on is, the necessity to participate and show the enthusiasm.

This year, in 2016, along with the traditional broadcasting, Euro2016 was one of the massive digital event. Our Brand Strategy team has done many workshops with the willing clients in order to support them to build a story and tell it over single and multi platforms.


Closer look to what #Euro2106 meant for brands on Twitter

Almost 500 local and global brands have shown their enthusiasm to the event and support for Turkish national football team via ads on different platforms both online and offline. Some of the brands like Algida, Coca-Cola, Turkcell, and Arko Men showed a strong presence on Twitter with different product uses, combinations and real time content. Many of the top brands from Turkey like Turkcell, Beko, Rexona, Clear, and Algida had used Twitter’s ad product Amplify, which enables the advertisers to sponsor the related premium content published on Twitter by a premium publisher.

How to merge Contentvertising with Data? 

We are happy to announce that in the late 2016, we will be partnering with Somera, a social listening and monitoring platform, in order to support our clients with more data and insights. With the information Somera provides us, we’ll be able to direct the clients and create better and even more effective stories for brands and make them connect with different products over different platforms. For detailed information you can visit;

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